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Napatech - Dell World 2012

Created on 18 December 2012


W. Curtis Preston interviews Nick Arraje, VP of Sales for Napatech, at Dell World 2012.

Bocada - VMWorld 2012
(Media / Bocada - VMWorld 2012)
W. Curtis Preston interviews Nancy Hurley, CEO of Bocada , at VMWorld 2012 in San Francisco. They talk about how Bocada provides visibility into VMware...
Virtual Instruments...
(Media / Virtual Instruments Interview)
W. Curtis Preston interviews Len Rosenthal, VP of Marketing for Virtual Instruments , at EMCWorld 2012. Virtual Instruments is an infrastructure optimization...
Xsigo Interview
(Media / Xsigo Interview)
W. Curtis Preston interviews Tony Englese, VP of Operations for Xsigo , at EMCWorld 2012. Xsigo provides a data center fabric, which is a way of using virtual...

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