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Commvault - Dell SF 2012

Created on 21 November 2012


W. Curtis Preston interviews Richard Pieters, Technical Director for Dell at Commvault, at the Dell Storage Forum in Paris, France. They talk about the work that Commvault and Dell have done together. They announced the launch of the DL2300 appliance, which comes pre-installed and allows the customer to quickly incorporate it into their environment. The DL2300 is the 4th generation of the DL version where the Commvault solution is incorporated into Dell hardware. It can recover data when it is needed and is available across multiple platforms, so the user can use the correct type of tiering for their data. Also, the customer can choose to deduplicate at the target or at the source. They also talk about the trend of growing data centers. Commvault provides monitoring and analyzing to ensure that the data is in the right place and allows the user to move or delete data in the wrong place. There are certain EU regulations that require the deletion of certain types of data that companies may wish to otherwise keep. Commvault can prove that this data has been deleted.

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